What is YES Program?

  • The Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) program was established in October 2002. The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State, along with the U.S. exchange community, recognized the importance of youth exchange as a key component to building bridges between citizens of the United States and countries around the world, particularly those with significant Muslim populations.
  • The program officially launched in EGYPT in 2002 with the hope to expand communication between the people of the United States and EGYPT in order to promote mutual understanding and respect.
  • The YES program is administered in partnership with the U.S. Department of State by a consortium of non-profit organizations including AFS, led by American Councils for International Education. In EGYPT, AFS EGYPT manages the YES program in partnership with the local U.S. Embassy, Public Affairs Office.

KL-YES Program




Studying abroad in high school is an exciting journey for both you and your child. We have compiled the information below to help answer some of the questions you may have about the YES program experience. For further information, please e-mail the YES office in your country.

  1. Participant must hold the Egyptian nationality.
  2. Participant must demonstrate Leadership skills.
  3. Participant and his parents must NOT have applied on any immigration programs to the United States of America.
  4. Participant must be enrolled in grade 9, 10, or 11 in the school year 2021/2022.
  5. Participant must be born between 15/1/2005 and 15/8/2007
  6. Participant must maintain grades of 80% or higher in the past two years 2019/2020 and 2020/2021