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KL-YES Alumni Celebrate 20 Years of KL-YES with an Inclusive Change Makers Workshop in Menia, Egypt

The event, organized and implemented by the KL-YES alumni, became a beacon of inclusivity, empowerment, and transformation, gathering 50 participants, half of whom represented various students with disabilities, including the deaf and mute, visually impaired, and those with physical disabilities.

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Kennedy-Lugar YES alumni taking part in transforming Lives in the governorate of Luxor, Egypt.

AFS Egypt proudly collaborated with Rotary Egypt in a medical convoy in Luxor, Egypt lead by Rotaplast International. A total of 170 patients registered, diagnosed, and treated during the Luxor surgical clinic. KL-YES alumni were part of transforming the lives of 43 patients with cleft lips, palates, and burn scars.

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AFS Egypt Alumni Changemakers Celebrating 20 Years of KL-YES

In the light of celebrating the Kennedy-Lugar YES 20th anniversary, the Egyptian alumni were very eager to give back to their community and help the children develop their skills. They decided to conduct a workshop for the children with disabilities as they found out that not much attention is given to the disability community.
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ICL for schools 2023

As part of our mission to spread cultural knowledge, AFS Egypt alumni facilitators kicked off Intercultural Learning “ICL” workshops for schools for 200+ students in several Schools 16 workshops were implemented. The students at the schools learned more about their cultural identity and diversity and their role in social relationships through engaging activities, discussions, and simulations, they explored together how culture impacts everyone’s experiences.

Topics such as identity and diversity were brought up which helped students to effectively and appropriately navigate cultural differences and appreciate and respect them. By the end of the workshops, the students learned that they could make a difference in their communities and relationships in hope of a more just and peaceful world.


AFS Egypt annual volunteers’ assembly

AFS Egypt annual Volunteers assembly took place this year from 9 to 11 March 2023 in a resort south of Hurghada. It can only be described as perfect for relaxation, and the serene scenery with a view of the sea was breathtaking.

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KL-YES Africa Region Changemaker Workshop

On December 8th-12th, 2022, AFS Egypt hosted 35 participants from 14 African countries and the USA for the KL-YES Africa Region Changemaker Workshop.

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IVD 2022

International Volunteer Day at AFS Egypt 2022

December 5th is the international volunteers day, it was a day of ongoing festivity at the AFS Egypt headquarters.
Over 130 volunteers from 13 chapters from all around Egypt to celebrate the international volunteer day.

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59 Years and More to Come

On May 4th, 2018 AFS Egypt celebrated 59 years of AFS in Egypt. One hundred and sixty AFS Egypt volunteers, former and present board members, returnees of 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, Daniel Obst, president of AFS International, partners from Kenya, South Africa, Tunisia, Ghana, and USA. The event celebrated the history of AFS Egypt, the present realities and AFS Egypt’s dreams and vision for the future. The event marked the launch of the AFS Egypt Cultural hub…….

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The Role of Global Citizens in Nation Building

On May 5th, 2018, AFS Egypt held a seminar addressing “The Role of Global Citizens in Nation Building”. Sixty educators, heads of schools and universities, leaders in the IT fields, corporate HR managers, AFS partners, friends of AFS Egypt, and AFS alumni from the 60’s to date, attended…..

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Moltaka 2018

AFS Egypt hold a large volunteer assembly yearly to train volunteers and to share success stories. This year one hundred and twenty four volunteers representing fourteen chapters from nine governorates attended. The event took place in the Oasis Hotel, Giza, from 26-28 January, 2018. The theme was “Learning to Live Together”. Several workshops were conducted on that topic.

Upon their arrival, each volunteer received a backpack, the events T-shirt, a book marker, an upcycled name tag, and a present, all AFS Egypt labelled. After the opening session, all volunteers participated in cultural games to break the ice and to focus on our culture…….

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