AFS Egypt annual volunteers’ assembly took place this year from 9 to 11 March 2023 in a resort South Hurghada, the location of the resort was perfect for relaxation, and the serene scenery with a view of the sea was breathtaking. The refreshing breeze added to the overall atmosphere, creating a calming and peaceful environment that helped us stay focused and engaged throughout the volunteer’s assembly.
The assembly was filled with activities that helped our volunteers learn, experience joy, and entertainment. We conducted discussions that allowed volunteers to voice their concerns and provide feedback that could help the organization improve. The meeting was an excellent opportunity for us to bond and connect with one another, which is essential for organizations that rely on volunteers.
The activities of the assembly were well-planned and engaging, providing our volunteers with opportunities to learn, grow, experience joy, and be entertained.
The outcome of this assembly was fruitful, as per the feedback received from the volunteers. The assembly helped the volunteers know each other better, resulting in effective teamwork. We left with a renewed sense of energy and commitment to the mission of the organization,
Our volunteers also noted that the assembly was an opportunity to relax and recharge, reducing their stress levels.
Overall, it was an excellent experience that left everyone feeling inspired, motivated, and ready to make a difference in the lives of others within our community.