AFS Egypt proudly collaborated with Rotary Egypt in a medical convoy in Luxor, Egypt lead by Rotaplast International. A total of 170 patients registered, diagnosed, and treated during the Luxor surgical clinic. KL-YES alumni were part of transforming the lives of 43 patients with cleft lips, palates, and burn scars. What made this medical convoy truly exceptional was the significant role played by the Kennedy -Lugar YES alumni.

The KL-YES alumni who came together to celebrate the program’s 20th anniversary by participating in the medical convoy embody the spirit of global citizenship. Their actions serve as a testament to the lasting impact of cultural exchange and the profound change that individuals can affect when they use their knowledge and experiences to make a difference in the world. This celebration in Luxor stands as a shining example of how the program’s ideals continue to inspire future generations of global leaders. During the medical convoy, these KL-YES alumni took on the crucial role translating essential information about surgical procedures, post-operative care, and medical instructions. Their presence ensured that patients and their families felt comfortable, understood, and empowered to actively participate in their healing journey. This not only reduced anxiety but also contributed to the overall success of the surgical procedures. Our young volunteers in medical school helped and supported the surgical team in the ORs.


This is AFS Egypt’s third medical convoy, and we now wait for it to happen every year to volunteer and participate. The success of the medical convoy in Luxor serves as a poignant reminder of the power of collaboration between local and international organizations. By working together, Rotaplast International, Rotary Egypt, AFS Egypt, and the KL-YES program alumni have not only transformed lives but also sown the seeds of goodwill between nations. The medical convoy in Luxor, Egypt, stands as a powerful example of how communities can unite, transcending language barriers and cultural differences, to provide essential healthcare to those in need which has left a legacy of compassion, healing, and international solidarity, one that will be eternally cherished by the people of Luxor and beyond.