It is a Semester School based program, students live with host families, and participate in different cultural activities in their hosted community.


Description:  Egyptian host families will always welcome you as another member of the family. Staying with us for 4 to 5 months and attending a local / international secondary school will give you the opportunity to explore Egyptian cultural. Attending school is essential. Instruction will be in English, but you will learn Arabic as a second language as you use it to communicate in your daily life with your host family and the local host community. Your school will provide you with a transcript for the studied subjects with your grades. You will be placed either in an international school or in national schools. You must have the ability to accept and share with other communities, the ability to be responsible for yourself, and the ability to interact with different people and adapt to different life styles. You must be willing to accept and adapt to our traditional and conservative culture and families, to be active and perform well in school, even if the language of instruction is Arabic. There will always be volunteers and staff members to support you when needed